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For the love of all living beings

Our farm started in 2020 with 8 tiny chicks during a tumultuous time in our lives, and a world gone mad. 

Then, in 2021, we though the best thing to do was to add more animals to our already chaotic life.  Our eldest daughter loves all creatures, and having moved to a more rural area with some acres, we thought, why not?  We added a few more chickens (well, 30 more chickens, but who's counting), then went all in and found the most adorable lamb, and two very naughty goats...though in our defense, they were pretty adorable when we picked them up. 

We fell madly in love with the new members of our family.  Then, just a few short days of bringing our lamb, Hiccup, home, he passed away.  We were completely devastated.  It was crazy, to fall so in love with an animal, so very quickly.  But he changed our lives permanently, and we will miss him forever.  


Hiccup Farms encompasses everything he taught us in those few days.  Love.  Kindness.  Laughter.

We miss you, Hiccup.  We will love you always.



Life goes on, especially on a farm.  Our family has grown so much: 8 babydoll sheep, 2 naughty goats, 6 crazy dogs and way more chickens than we should have.  All of our animals are pets, and we only eat the eggs from our industrious chickens, and of course, whatever the children have planted in the garden!

Want some delicious eggs to enjoy for breakfast (lunch and dinner)?  Give us a shout!

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